Deep South – Josh Turner: Album Review

I’m really enjoying the new album from Josh Turner; ‘Deep South’ is the sixth instalment into Turner’s established discography and it’s sorely needed.

Firstly, as this is the first music review featured on Feelin’ Country, I want to start off by saying for this review and any future album reviews, I’ll listen to the album a lot; and in all different circumstances from having it playing in the background while i’m cooking to making it a road trip soundtrack as that way I feel I can get a firm understanding and build a solid opinion of the album.

The first track, and the title track of the album is ‘Deep South’; a twangy and fun kick off to Turner’s first album in five years. I can’t help but think this song was made for concert or festival fans from the South especially as it’s just a simple & prideful crowd pleaser with in my opinion no real substance.

The Summer vibes continue with tracks like ‘All About You’ and ‘Beach Bums’ before heading into my personal favourite track of the album ‘Where the Girls Are’: Again, this track may not be revolutionary to the scene but it’s simple, fun and speaks very much to a lot of my experiences as a single man just trying to hang out with friends while trying to catch the attention of a few ladies.

Turner slows it down in the next couple tracks with ‘Never Had a Reason’ and ‘Wonder’. Both songs are a lot more personal with ‘Wonder’ being my favourite of the two. ‘Wonder’ is all about the one that got away, a swift reminiscing of what things could have been had mistakes not been made. A passionate, regretful song which is definitely a highlight of the album.

The final track worth mentioning is the closing track of the album:’Hawaiian Girl’, There’s not another song on the album that this could be compared too. It’s a laid back, kicking it at the beach type track with Polynesian instrumentals and all around good vibes; a great way to close out the album.

All in all, I feel like this is a solid comeback album to an artist who has been missed. A fun, easy listening album that should sell it’s fair share of copies. Though it doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre it does provide a decent soundtrack to the start of summer, and personally? Right now, that’s all I need.

You can listen to Josh Turner’s ‘Deep South’ here:

Feelin’ Country Score: 7/10


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