A Summer of Country Music

There’s nothing quite like the first day of spring; seeing daffodils on the side of the road, being able to roll the car window down without obtaining frostbite and most importantly the way country music compliments it perfectly.

I want to start off by clarifying I don’t think that country music is only for the spring/summer but I can’t help but think that it’s when this genre of music really comes into it’s own. I love the sound of a steel guitar sliding down into an evening with friends and booze; The way the upbeat tempos of Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan fly out of the open window as you’re driving down a long straight empty road as the English countryside rolls on for miles in every direction.

I love spring and everything it stands for: the new beginnings, the optimism and most importantly, it’s pre-summer and who doesn’t like summer? I’ve made it clear before that I enjoy all types of music; I love to listen to Twitty, Patsy and Old Hank but my preferred summer playlist typically revolves around a modern sound consisting of Sam Hunt, Eric Church, Maddie and Tae and Maren Morris among others.

Being able to listen to this music with the sun beating down will always have a play to part this time of year, I find it so relaxing to just lay on some grass and do nothing but listen to music and that’s what this genre I love compliments most. Song’s like Brad Paisley’s ‘Mud On The Tyres’, Rodney Atkins’ ‘Take a Back Road’ and Jason Aldean’s Dirt Road Anthem make sliding on your favourite pair of sunglasses and revving your car engine just that little bit more fun.

Let’s not forget about the festivals, It seems as though country is going from stride to stride in the UK and that’s highlighted by the number of country acts in some of the UK’s largest summer music festivals. Listening to fiddles and banjos as the warm summer sun sets in front of thousands of people is really something special and something only a summer can induce.

This year does not look like it’s going to disappoint with new albums from: Josh Turner, Brad Paisley and potentially Zac Brown Band, Kelsea Ballerini and Lady Antebellum. I already know that these artists will be the backbone of my summer playlist and I can not wait.

Bring on the sun, bring on the beer and most importantly bring on the music!

Keep Feelin’ country folks and please do tell us your favourite spring/summer tracks either in the comments or over on twitter @feelincountryuk.


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